Cloud gaming system OnLive hits LG’s Google TV sets in new update

OnLive LG Google TVLG has announced the online cloud gaming system OnLive is now available on its Smart range of Google TV-enabled televisions. Owners of the LG G2 Smart TVs should find an OnLive app already installed under the “premium apps” section, where it provides access to more than 300 games, all without any additional hardware.

For those unfamiliar with OnLive, it’s a cross-platform streaming games system, where you don’t need to buy an expensive gaming PC or console, but instead rely on a strong Internet connection to play games remotely. OnLive’s servers store and run the games, you play using a dedicated controller through your TV, computer or tablet.

Games can be tested for around 30 minutes for free, then either rented, purchased or if you’re a really impressed, you can subscribe to the OnLive PlayPack for $10 per month, which gives complete access to 200 games. If you don’t already own the Xbox-style OnLive controller, you’ll need to buy one for $50 before you can start playing.

As games are played in the cloud, saved games are available on any device, at anytime. Plus, multi-player games are completely free of platform restrictions, so you can challenge your Mac owning mate to play against you on your Google TV, and another friend on an iPad.

LG’s update that delivers OnLive to its G2 Smart sets also brings with it a revised TV and movie app named PrimeTime, a pop out quick guide box for searching for new content while still watching a TV channel, plus an enhanced search engine that uses LG’s voice search system.

The real draw though is OnLive, an ambitious project that has sadly had its fair share of problems over the past six months, after declaring bankruptcy and laying off the vast majority of its staff back in August. Shortly afterwards, the company was sold for $4.8 million to Lauder Partners, and although there was speculation that it would quickly be sold again, Lauder has continued to operate the service.

With OnLive’s debut on LG’s Google TV sets, it looks like it’ll be around for a while longer too.