Operation Flashpoint: Red River welcomes you to Tajikistan

operation flashpoint red river welcomes you to tajikistanThe stakes are high in Codemasters’ new first-person shooter, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, but thankfully you will have some friends along to help. Built with a heavy emphasis on the idea of online co-op play with four person squads, Red River is designed around the concept of teamwork and tactics. As appealing as it is to pull a Leroy Jenkins and run out into an enemy held valley, screaming at the top of your lungs and leaving your frustrated teammates to fight a ridiculously difficult battle with enemies that know right where they are, Red River discourages that by having you die quickly and stupidly. A single well placed shot by the enemy can kill you, so being clever will generally be far more vital than being recklessly brave.

In the trailer below, the gameplay and in-game graphics are highlighted, and the idea of realism carries through. Things like sound will be a huge part of the game, and knowing your surroundings will likely be the difference between success and respawning while your teammates think up new ways to call you a noob.

The game itself takes place in Tajikistan during a fictional conflict in the Middle Eastern (or apparently Central Asian country, depending on what you read– for the record, the World Atlas lists it as both) country, where insurgents want us out. So too do the Chinese, who order the Marines to leave the country, thus creating a new global flashpoint.

Check out the trailer below and look for Operation Flashpoint: Red River on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 29, 2011.

[As it has been noted, at length, there were a handful of errors in this article.  Thanks to our reader BryBry26 for pointing them out.  This article has been updated to correct a typo, as well as a factual error regarding Tajikistan.]