Over 1 million people completed Halo 4 campaign in first five days

microsoft soothes masses as halo 4 servers buckle under stress halo4Call of Duty: Black Ops II may be breaking all sorts of records, but that doesn’t mean Halo 4 is being ignored by its fans. More than four million people played Halo 4 during its first five days, with over a million of them completing the Campaign mode, reports Microsoft.

Released just a few weeks ago, Halo 4 has been overshadowed a bit by the Black Ops II frenzy, but a new post on Microsoft’s Halo-focused blog Halo Waypoint lists some of the impressive stats from the game’s first five days on the market. And as one might expect from one of the most popular gaming franchises, the latest installment has people spending a lot of time with their consoles.

According to Microsoft, people have logged more than 31.4 million hours playing Halo 4 in each of its gameplay modes between November 6-11. Within that impressive timeframe, six percent of players completed the game’s Campaign on “Legendary” and unlocked more than 43,335,060 achievements. During that time, players notched more than 4.5 billion kills across the various gameplay modes.

Halo 4 hit shelves November 6, and earned more than $200 million in its first 24 hours on the market.