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We’re over the moon for these 5K Overwatch screenshots

Blizzard’s Overwatch may be a fast-paced, competitive shooter, but that doesn’t mean the game’s attention to detail suffers as a result. The designers put a lot of time into filling out the world with little touches and beautiful scenery that, as these 5K Overwatch screenshots demonstrate, looks sharp if you take the time to stop and check it out.

The gallery is viewable above, and make sure to click the captions to see the pictures in full 5,120 x 2,880 glory.

As the newest map in the game’s lineup, the Horizon Lunary Colony takes the fight off Earth and into space for the first time. There’s even a section outside with reduced gravity, something Blizzard began playing with first on the Oasis map with the launch pad. Horizon was also Winston’s home as a child, well before the events of the game, and this map is a closer look into his history. That’s about as close as Blizzard gets to real story in Overwatchapart from the CGI shorts, the most recent of which was Sombra’s introduction.

Taking the screenshots was easy thanks to Overwatch’s built-in custom game and screenshot mode. We just booted up a custom game type with skirmish on the Horizon Lunary Colony. We changed over from the red or blue team to the spectator team. That allows you to fly freely around the map, without any weapons blocking the screen.

There are a few more steps to perfect 5K Overwatch screenshots, or even higher-resolution snaps. One of the advanced graphical options lets you set the screenshot resolution to three, five, seven, or nine times the rendered resolution. While that setting won’t affect the performance during average gameplay, anything above the render resolution will cause the system to hang for a moment when you actually hit print screen to snap a shot.

Finally, Alt + Z will temporarily hide the Overwatch HUD and UI, so it won’t get in the way of whatever it is you’re shooting. Pressing Alt + Z will also turn the screen elements back on, which can be a confusing moment as you hit Escape and no game menu appears.

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