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Twitter video shows 'Overwatch' actors are just like their characters

Actors are very rarely anything like the characters they portray in movies and television shows, and with voice actors in video games sometimes recording in dozens of productions a year, this is even more true. But Overwatch appears to be the exception to the trend, at least according to a new video from Blizzard headquarters.

Lúcio runs into Overwatch Characters. @PlayOverwatch @matthewmercer @SilverTalkie @CaraTheobold @carolinaravassa

— Jonny Cruz (@JonnyCruzzz) November 8, 2016

In a Twitter video posted by “Lúcio” actor Jonny Cruz, we see the enthusiastic actor walk around the campus searching for other members of the Overwatch cast. After spotting “Torbjörn” actor Keith Silverstein, they argue over the pronunciation of the character’s name, as well as the disparity between his in-game height versus reality.

“You … must forgive yourself, brother,” says “Genji” actor Yoshihisa Kawahara in a separate section of the video. His eyes stare into the abyss just as you’d expect from a cybernetic ninja betrayed by those closest to him.

“McCree” actor Matthew Mercer, however, refused to utter his most famous phrase, “It’s high noon.” This is probably for the best, so as to not send everyone else at Blizzard diving for cover, though Silverstein did act as a substitute.

Newcomer Carolina Ravassa, the voice of Sombra, also made an appearance to “boop” Cruz on the nose. The gesture has become something of a meme following the latest Overwatch animated short, and it will soon be included in the game as a voice line.

It’s as good a time as ever to get back into Overwatch, assuming you ever stopped playing at all. Sombra is now playable in the PC version’s PTR servers, adding an edgy, offensive ’90s hacker character to the already impressive cast, and changes to “quick” matches and the introduction of arcade modes should keep things feeling both fresh and fair.

Now, “did someone say, ‘peanut butter?'”

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