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Join DT playing Blizzard’s Overwatch on Twitch

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The Twitterati have spoken, and by a commanding margin you want to watch us play Overwatch, Blizzard’s newly-released hero shooter. Following in the footsteps of Team Fortress 2 and competing more directly with the recent Battleborn and upcoming LawBreakersOverwatch is a team first-person shooter where you can choose from a wide variety of characters, each featuring their own unique set of weapons, complementary abilities, and special powers. Blizzard’s signature flair for design is here in full force, with a colorful and charming cast of heroes that could be right out of a Pixar movie.

Join Digital Trends’ Will Fulton on Twitch at 1 p.m. EST as he demonstrates his thoroughly unimpressive FPS chops–remember, you asked for this! You can watch below or directly on DT’s Twitch channel, where you can join the chat to help or harangue Will.

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