From ‘Anthem’ to ‘Smash Bros. on Switch,’ here are the games coming to E3 2018

E3 2018 is still three months away, but publishers are already talking about a new wave of games with E3 in mind. Here are all the titles we know will be there, what we expect to see, rumors, and more.

Switch indie games get the spotlight during the Nindies Showcase on March 20

On the heels of an exciting Nintendo Direct, Nintendo will stream its third Nindies Showcase dedicated to upcoming Switch indie games. The Switch has turned into a premier destination for indie titles since launch.

‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ ditches paid loot boxes for good

Electronic Arts announced that Star Wars Battlefront II has received a complete revamp to its progression system, and paid loot boxes are gone for good. Now, Star Cards will be earned only through gameplay.

Ubisoft’s open-world racer ‘The Crew 2’ adds planes and boats, debuts in June

Ubisoft' open-world racing game The Crew 2 will release on June 29, and a special edition containing the season pass, a United States map, and a license plate is available to order now.

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The iPhone has some of our favorite games available for any mobile platform. Here are the best iPhone games for every big-name genre, whether you're into puzzles, strategy, or something else entirely.

10 new characters we want to see in ‘Super Smash Bros. for Switch’

Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018. Here are some ideas for new characters we hope to see in the game, including some Nintendo staples and a few unexpected surprises.

It’s really stupid. But ‘Devil May Cry’ spawned much smarter offspring

After more than 15 years, the original ‘Devil May Cry’ is a perfect artifact of its cultural moment, while also contains the seeds of gaming’s present. But, having never played it, we just saw “Stupid Dark Souls”.

Qualcomm’s stand-alone VR headset design uses Tobii eye-tracking

Tobii said that Qualcomm's latest reference design for stand-alone VR headsets includes its eye-tracking technology. This component will enable foveated rendering, a method of "blurring" everything outside your field of view.
Product Review

Lenovo's Mirage VR headset is a wireless, phoneless Daydream come true

The Lenovo Mirage Solo is the first Daydream VR headset that doesn’t need a smartphone. Powered by Google’s VR software and WorldSense technology, you benefit from six degrees of freedom and the lack of smartphone constraints.
Virtual Reality

Lenovo’s Mirage Solo headset and VR camera are available for pre-order

Lenovo officially pulled the wraps off its stand-alone VR headset supporting Google's Daydream platform. Also on the way are two Daydream-branded cameras from Lenovo and YI Technology supporting Google's new VR180 format.

‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ gameplay will debut at Tribeca Film Festival

At the Tribeca Film Festival, Crystal Dynamics will show off Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Sony Santa Monica will talk incorporating Norse mythology into God of War. Tickets to the panels will be free.

Twitch streamer Ninja smashes viewer record with some help from Drake

Popular Twitch Fortnite streamer Ninja has broken the site's concurrent non-tournament viewer record with a little help from Drake, Travis Scott, and NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster.