Nintendo Badge Arcade released for free on 3DS

Nintendo announced that it has released Nintendo Badge Arcade for the Nintendo 3DS, a microtransaction-driven app that allows players to outfit their system themes with unique customization items earned via gameplay.
Emerging Tech

Thanks to Konami, an amputee gamer will soon sport a Metal Gear Solid-themed prosthetic

After tragically losing his arm, James White received the gift of a lifetime upon learning Konami wanted to design a prosthetic for him based on his favorite video game franchise, Metal Gear Solid.

How to snag one of Fallout 4's best guns at the beginning of the game

Believe it or not, players new to the "Fallout 4" wasteland have the opportunity to acquire the game's best weapon, aka the Cryolator, mere hours into the game. All you need is Dogmeat at your side and this simple walkthrough.
Game Review

Like a pizza overloaded with toppings, not all of Black Ops 3 is fully cooked

There’s a lot packed into Treyarch’s latest CoD entry, but much of it is a step back for the franchise.

NY attorney general calls fantasy sport sites illegal gambling services

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman has sent a cease-and-desist letter to FanDuel and DraftKings, the two largest daily fantasy sports providers, asking them both to stop operations in the state.

Cherry’s new MX Nature White switch is built for gaming – and RGB lighting

Squeezing in between the MX Red and Black in terms of actuation, the MX Nature White has a clear body for better key backlighting, and a smooth, linear action.

Not alone in the wasteland: Fallout 4 shatters record for concurrent Steam users in a non-Valve game

Less than 24 hours after release, Fallout 4 has peaked at just under 450,000 concurrent users, shattering GTA V's previous record by over 100,000.

Valve offers major discounts on range of Steam-compatible games

To help those early adopters of Valve's Steam Machines flesh out their living-room gaming library, the Half Life maker has discounted a number of high-profile titles in the Steam Machine Launch sale, offering everything from Half Life 2, to…

Master Fallout 4’s wasteland with these essential starting tips

The Commonwealth wasteland can be a brutal place. Here are some of our best starting tips to help you get off on the right foot, whether you're new to the series or a you're a veteran looking to brush up.

Mario fan fully recreates a series obscurity in Super Mario Maker

Nintendo fan "Forteblast" has fully recreated one of the most obscure entries in Nintendo's flagship Super Mario franchise using the Wii U game design toolkit Super Mario Maker, making the little-seen spinoff accessible to a broad player…

Rock Band creator launches music-driven pet sim BeatNiks

Rock Band and Guitar Hero creator Harmonix taps the mobile market for its latest release, leveraging its experience in the rhythm genre for a new music-driven virtual pet simulation titled BeatNiks for iOS and Android devices.

Halo 5 update brings Big Team Battle and new maps

Halo 5: Guardians originally launched without the classic multiplayer mode Big Team Battle, but that's about to change, as the mode is arriving with four new maps inspired by the series' best locations.