Paul McCartney says he’s working on music for a new video game

Sir Paul McCartney is bringing his music to yet another video game, and from what we can tell, it’s not a sequel to Beatles Rock Band.

Talking to German-language outlet Zeit, McCartney said he’s not only interested in the world of computer games, but he’s currently working on the music for an unidentified game.

“Actually, I’m currently working on music for a computer game,” said McCartney when asked if he’d ever consider writing music for a game.

McCartney wouldn’t identify the game, but he said he found the entire gaming industry to be a fascinating market for a musician — especially when comparing game sales figures against those of the music industry.

“A new computer game is selling so much better than a new CD these days,” he added. “You reach a different audience. These days, young people might hear my music for the first time in a game.”