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Phantom Thieves get ready: Persona 5 Royal Western release set for spring 2020

Persona 5 Royal, a new edition of the popular Japanese RPG Persona 5, is set for a Western release in spring 2020, with developer Atlus further hyping up the game with a flood of new screenshots.

The extended version of Persona 5, which adds a third semester to the storyline was officially announced in March and was later revealed to be preparing for a Japanese release on October 31. Atlus confirmed that the game will launch in the West in 2020, but without a specific release date.

At the “Atlus Art Exhibit 2019: Persona 5 Royal and Catherine: Full Body Showcase” at Gallery Nuclear in Alhambra, California, the developer finally revealed a spring 2020 release window for the highly anticipated RPG. The announcement comes alongside the launch of a new trailer, meant for Gamescom 2019, that shows off the new member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Kasumi, as well as some of the new mechanics and features of the game.

Persona 5 Royal - Gamescom 2019 Season Reveal Trailer | PS4

A gameplay livestream from earlier this month revealed lots of information on Persona 5 Royal, including the addition of new areas such as Kichijoji, changes to Mementos such as new character named Jose, third Personas for all the Phantom Thieves, a new palace, and Goro Akechi as a playable character even after the events that transpired in the endgame of Persona 5.

To further tease fans who are already on the edge in anticipation of Persona 5 Royal, Atlus updated the game’s official website with a host of new screenshots and artwork that showcases what players may expect from the extended RPG.

These screenshots show some of the new Personas, and in-game events, as well as the new palace and Jose, who will give players items and other bonuses in exchange for gathering flowers and stamps.

The spring 2020 Western release window for Persona 5 Royal, however, means that the game will roll out alongside a pair of high-profile games, namely the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will debut its first episode on March 3, and Cyberpunk 2077, which will launch on April 16. Fans of the series and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, however, will surely make time to find out what happens in the revamped story.

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