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Persona 5 The Royal rumored to have ‘a ton of new content,’ female protagonist

Atlus revealed in March that the teased Persona 5 R will be titled Persona 5 The Royal, and according to new rumors, it will be in line with gamers’ expectations.

The trailer for Persona 5 The Royal, which was rolled out after a special episode of Persona 5: The Animation, featured a mysterious female character.

GearNuke claims that it has acquired exclusive information from unnamed sources on Persona 5 The Royal, as well as two other titles based on the RPG.

Persona 5 The Royal, as many gamers expected, will be an enhanced version of the original game with “a ton of new content,” GearNuke’s source claimed. It will feature a “very lengthy new epilogue,” new personas and social links, and a female main character who is not the red-haired girl from the teaser trailer. The mysterious girl will reportedly be integral to the game’s expanded story though.

GearNuke also reported that Persona 5 The Royal will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, and that Atlus will not be able to do a simultaneous worldwide release for the game due to the sheer amount of new content.

Atlus has also put up a teaser website for Persona 5 S, which is believed to be a Nintendo Switch version for the game. GearNuke’s source said that this speculation is true, adding that the original version of Persona 5, not Persona 5 The Royal, will be arriving to the hybrid console. However, there are discussions to add some exclusive content for the Nintendo Switch port.

GearNuke’s source also claimed that a fighting game based on Persona 5, similar to Persona 4 Arena, is in the works. The game was supposed to launch sooner, but developer Arc System Works was kept busy by Dragon Ball FighterZ and its DLC.

The studio is finishing up Granblue Fantasy Versus for Cygames, but a small team is already working on the Persona 5 fighting game, with full development to start after the release of Granblue Fantasy Versus. The project will utilize the Dragon Ball FighterZ engine, which is supported by the Nintendo Switch so a multi-platform release is possible, GearNuke reported.

GearNuke’s claims are so far unconfirmed, but Persona 5 fans will not have to wait long to find out if the report is true. Atlus promised more information about Persona 5 The Royal on April 24 and Persona 5 S on April 25.

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