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Latest ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ update lets you scoot in style

PUBG - New Sanhok Vehicle - Scooter

It can get a little boring to traverse PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on foot or in one of the game’s many cars and motorcycles, but the latest updates give you a whole new way to avoid the encroaching force field — you’ll just look a little silly while you ride it.

PC players who start up PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will now be able to use a scooter on the small Sanhok map, the game’s developer revealed in an update post on Steam. The scooter has the same durability as the two-seat motorbike already available on the map, but it has a higher turning radius and a lower speed. In a pinch, however, it might be what you need to escape danger and live to fight another day. You’ll be able to find the scooter in a variety of colors, including salmon, beige, and teal.

Also added in the update was the new Beryl M762 assault rifle, which can be found on all three maps. As the name suggests, the rifle makes use of 7.62 ammunition — also used in the AK and several sniper rifles — and comes with a 30-round magazine by default.

“It has lower per-bullet-damage than the AKM, but a higher firing rate, meaning higher [damage per second] if you can control the kick,” the post added.

If you’ve been struggling to find success in battle royale and want to practice before fighting live players, you’ll soon have a new option. As part of the Fix PUBG campaign, PUBG Corporation is adding a training mode to the game. Taking place on a small 2 x 2-kilometer map, the mode lets you practice your parachuting, drive vehicles, and fire against both stationary and moving targets. You’ll also have access to a wide variety of equipment, as well as stunt ramps to get some sick air in cars or boats. No firm release data has been set for the mode yet, but the team is shooting for some point in September.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC and Xbox One. It will exit the Xbox Preview program on the latter program September 4, and is also available for free on iOS and Android as PUBG Mobile.

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