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Sony survey to gauge interest for PlayStation 4’s Remote Play on rival consoles

A survey by Sony is gauging interest in possible future additions to the PlayStation 4’s Remote Play, including expanding the feature to rival consoles.

Remote Play allows PlayStation 4 owners to play games remotely on other devices, including the PlayStation Vita and PC, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The 7.00 update for the PlayStation 4 in October last year, which expanded the feature to all Android phones, also added the option to connect the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller wirelessly through Bluetooth.

It appears that Sony is not yet done with rolling out improvements for Remote Play, as suggested by a survey that was posted online by Redditor YouRedditHereFirst.

The “rather lengthy survey” asked the respondents’ interest, ranging from “not at all appealing” to “extremely appealing,” on a variety of what may be future developments for Remote Play, including using the feature with rival consoles Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Other questions that YouRedditHereFirst posted on the online forum, which also included screenshots of the survey, include expanding the screen real estate by hiding unused controls, customizable button layout, utilizing controllers of other consoles and mouse-keyboard set-ups, parental controls to allow multiple users, and enabling PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games.

The survey also asked about a slim DualShock controller for portable gaming and the option of using Remote Play without an internet connection. Sony did not go into much detail about them in the survey, but they appear to be intriguing additions that will further increase the portability of the feature.

YouRedditHereFirst also noted that there was a question about using Remote Play on a generic handheld device. While Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO Jim Ryan drove the final nail in the coffin of a potential PlayStation Vita successor, a handheld device solely for Remote Play may not be out of the question.

The questions on the survey do not necessarily mean that Sony will develop those that turn out to be popular among respondents. Remote Play fans should not be excited until Sony officially confirms that some of the features mentioned in the survey are on the way.

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