Leak suggests the PlayStation 4 Slim will introduce an updated controller, too

dual shock 4 playstation slim

Sony is yet to officially announce the slim version of its PlayStation 4 console, but a series of leaks has offered up plenty of information on what consumers can expect from the hardware revision. The new model has already been spotted out in the wild, and now we’ve been given a good look at its accompanying DualShock 4 controller.

A new video from YouTube user ZRZ sheds light on the new version of the controller, which features a couple of minor changes from the peripheral that launched alongside the PlayStation 4 in 2013.

For one, there’s now a light that shines through a newly transparent portion of the touchpad. This will apparently replace the existing indicator light that’s built into the current model of the PlayStation 4 console, according to a report from Polygon.

There’s also a modest tweak to the controller’s face buttons, shoulder buttons, directional pad, and analog sticks. Rather than sharing the same shade of black as the rest of the device, they’re now a slightly lighter shade of gray.

It seems that the footage is indeed legitimate, as Sony has already submitted a copyright claim to have the offending clip de-listed from YouTube.

There are pervasive rumors that Sony plans to unveil both the slim version of its PlayStation 4 and the mysterious PlayStation Neo at an event in New York City on September 7. However, there may well be little left to reveal once that date rolls around.

The Neo has been among the worst kept secrets in the video game industry since rumors began to circulate ahead of this year’s E3 event, and over the past week we’ve seen plenty of the revised PlayStation 4. Public awareness of these products will definitely benefit Sony in the long run, but these leaks could make next month’s event something of an anticlimax.