PlayStation 4 update released to fix Rest Mode issues caused by firmware v2.00

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PlayStation 4 users have had some issues in the week since Sony released firmware v2.00, which added features like Share Play and an improved standby mode, and the newly released v2.01 patch aims to fix all of that. The big issue for many is Rest Mode, the aforementioned revision to standby, with certain console users unable to “wake up” the PS4 after shutting it off. The update doesn’t brick the system completely, but the fact remains that one of its core features is causing widespread problems.

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The official patch notes for v2.01 state that the update improves system stability when using certain features. Tweets from Sony’s PlayStation and PlayStationEU accounts are more explicit in explaining the purpose of the update.

The update appears to be live now in North America (confirmed firsthand on our office PS4) and Europe at the very least. Have you installed it yet? Is Rest Mode working for you now?