PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gets Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, Dante from DmC, and many others according to leaked character roster

There’s a reason it’s called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and not Sony All-Stars Battle Royale. It won’t just be Sony characters beating the snot out of each other on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. A variety of characters from other publishers’ games will make it into the game according to leaked details about the game, and more than just the ones that have already been announced.

Funny thing about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: When Sony’s mascot brawler peeked its head above ground for the first time earlier this year, the haters focused less on the game’s outward similarity to Nintendo’s famous Super Smash Bros. series and more on Sony’s library of characters. Who cares that it’s got four people fighting it out in wild, shifting environments from  famous games, can a match up between Kratos and Nathan Drake really be as exciting as on between Pikachu and Link? Sony isn’t a character company!

When director Omar Kendall of Superbot spoke with Digital Trends, he promised that his game would not only thrive thanks to Sony’s characters like Parapa the Rapper but from the influx of characters from third-parties. “I think we wouldn’t really be doing the title a proper service if you only focused on first-party,” said Kendall, “Obviously PlayStation and Sony, they’ve got some great brands. But when you think about PlayStation and its long history, I think that includes third party. I think it only makes sense. A game like this, you’re going to see some third party characters.”

Now we know the characters to which he was referring. A post on Reddit (via NeoGAF) detailed the character roster sans a couple of unlockable characters yet to be revealed. Raiden from Konami’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will duke it out alongside the young Dante from Capcom’s DmC: Devil May Cry, as well as the previously confirmed Heihachi from Namco’s Tekken and 2K Games’ BioShock star Big Daddy.

Filling out the crew are a swath of other Sony characters. Nariko from Heavenly Sword, Sir Daniel Fortescu from MediEvil, the evil Cole McGrath from InFamous 2, Ratchet from Ratcher & Clank, and Spike from Ape Escape are coming along.

The leak also details a number of special items from the game as well as stages. The items especially delve deep into Sony’s back catalog, calling back to long lost classics like the PlayStation 2 action game The Mark of Kri.

Sony is expected to make many of these game details official at Gamescom on Aug. 14.

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