PlayStation hackers can unblock themselves

playstation systemSony’s been waging war against PS3 hackers recently, and in the latest battle development they seem to have the up. After Sony originally claimed users that hacked their PS3 consoles would have their network access terminated, Destructoid reports that modifiers have found a way to unban themselves while also banning others as they see fit (as long as a hacker is in the possession of another PS3 user’s assigned console ID).

Sony has had its hands full when it comes to hackers, particularly those in the same camp as George “GeoHot” Hotz. Hotz is currently raising funds in order to defend himself against Sony’s lawsuit. He and the members of “fail0verflow” maintain their innocence, claiming their reasons for hacking the PS3 are to install other operating systems on the gaming console.

There was speculation that Sony was interested in opening up the Move to developers, allowing users the ability to modify the motion-gaming device. But it’s an unpopular decision at Sony, and one that isn’t going to see action anytime soon. Until then, however, keep your unique console ID to yourself and stay on the good side of any PS3 hackers you know.

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