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PlayStation Plus Delivers 'This War of Mine' and others in January

PlayStation Plus - Free Games Lineup January 2017 | PS4

Sony announced January’s slate of complimentary games for PlayStation Plus members Wednesday. Day of The Tentacle Remastered and This War of Mine: The Little Ones headline the fresh lineup of six free games, many of which January’s feature cross-buy support, granting PlayStation 4 players access to the majority of the games available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita users.

Leading the charge is Day of the Tentacle Remastered, an updated version of the 1993 graphic adventure sequel to Maniac Mansion. The point-and-click gameplay was refined for modern audiences, and was released earlier in 2016. Day of the Tentacle is cross-buy for PS4 and Vita.

Current PlayStation Plus subscribers will also gain access to the heralded survival-strategy game This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Originally released as This War of Mine on PC, 11 bit studios ported the wartime simulator to PS4 earlier in 2016. Similar to Telltale’s adventure games, player choice heavily affects how the game’s story progresses.

PlayStation Plus delivers free ‘Invisible Inc.’ and other games in December

Size Five Games’ stealth action game The Swindle is cross-buy across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. PS3 owners can also look forward to top-down vehicular combat courtesy of Blazerush. Vita owners will also have the chance to try Big Fish Games’ Azkend 2, a sophisticated match-three puzzle game injected with narrative.

Rounding out January’s games is Titan Souls — cross-buy for PS4 and PS Vita — a contemporary take on a nostalgic genre. Released in 2015, Titan Souls is a 2D, top-down action-adventure. Titan Souls has a strong emphasis on being challenging. Armed with a single arrow, the player can take only take a single hit before dying, with the end goal of defeating nineteen giant monsters.

Each of the six PlayStation Plus games will be free to download for subscribers on Tuesday. December’s free games will be available until next week when they go back to full price.

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