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‘Pokémon Go’ has eclipsed $200 million in total revenue one month after launching

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After more than a month filled with catching dead bodies, falling off cliffs, purge threats, and tracking systems, Pokémon Go has eclipsed the $200 million milestone in global revenue.

Although setbacks such as bugs, security issues, and other user complaints have risen in the past few weeks, downloads and in-app purchases have done anything but slow down. App analytics platform Sensor Tower released the worldwide revenue data on Friday, citing its latest “Store Intelligence” information. The company also published a chart comparing Pokémon Go’s financial success to that of other previous top earners, including Candy Crush Soda Saga and Clash Royale.


As seen above, Pokémon Go was only slightly outperforming Clash Royale for the first 18 days following its launch, but that was before Niantic Inc. released the app in Japan, Nintendo’s home country, where the biggest Pokéfans likely reside. Revenue exploded from there, spiking from around $75 million to $200 million in just under 14 days.

When comparing totals after the first month of launch, Pokémon Go has nearly doubled the success of Clash Royale. The app has also earned almost seven times as much as Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Pokémon Go’s revenue is expected to see more gains in the coming days, as the app just added support in 15 more Asian countries. And that expanded support doesn’t even include South Korea, India, and China, where the app is supposed to go live soon after working through some legal and regulatory concerns involving the game’s reliance on Google Maps.

Sensor Tower also reported on the daily usage number for Pokémon Go, which average approximately 26 minutes per day. With more than 100 million downloads, and the app’s arrival in some of the world’s largest countries looming, expect success to skyrocket once support for more countries is added.

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