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'Pokémon Go' update expands support for Generation 2 creatures

pokemon go dataminers discover new moves creatures unown
Pokémon Go dataminers have extracted a wealth of new content hidden within the app’s latest update, including support for Generation 2 creatures that have alternate physical forms.

The new content could hint at a wider rollout for Generation 2 Pokémon, potentially giving players dozens of new creatures to collect in the months ahead.

According to developer Niantic, the latest v0.53.1 update boasts improved Apple Watch support, more accurate distance tracking, and “minor text fixes.” Dataminers who broke down the reissued app discovered that the update added much more than was publicly announced, however.

Hackers discovered that the latest version of Pokémon Go features code and assets for 38 new moves, marking the first time that the app has been updated with new character abilities since its launch in 2016. In the coming year, players will gain access to new character-specific Quick Moves like Counter, Charge Beam, Dragon Tail, and Air Slash. Newly added Charge Moves include Close Combat, Focus Blast, Gyro Ball, Sand Tomb, and Grass Knot.

Pokémon Go resource The Silph Road also confirmed the addition of several Evolution Items, which can be used to evolve certain species of Pokémon within past series releases. The update suggests that players will soon be able to upgrade their collected creatures using items like the Sun Stone, King’s Rock, and Dragon Scale, producing powerful evolved Pokémon as a result.

Mined data also reveals that the game will soon feature support for Pokémon Forms – a mechanic first seen in the second generation of Pokémon games for the Game Boy Color. Pokémon Go‘s most recent update specifically mentions expanded support for Unown, a Generation 2 creature that can adopt dozens of physical forms. Given that Pokémon Go‘s developers are currently focused on supporting Generation 2’s more exotic creatures, it’s likely that additional Generation 2 Pokémon will soon appear on player radars.

Additional data found within the Pokémon Go‘s recent update suggests forthcoming features like an in-app News section and improved avatar customization. Developer Niantic has not announced when it plans to introduce the content teased in the latest update.

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