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Nintendo shares skyrocket in the wake Of ‘Pokémon Go’ release

pokemon go breakup car crash pokemongo 3
Pokémon Go is a massive success, just in case your go-to social media feed hasn’t been clear enough about that. Despite limited marketing the reputayion of Pokémon Go the game has earned Nintendo’s stock price a good 25-percent increase. Consumers are flocking to the latest trend in social media, and that is being reflected in renewed faith in the Nintendo brand.

Since the launch of the game on June 6, it has been the cause of much commotion. Be it the discovery of dead bodies, just getting fired, or any other the other crazy things that have happened in connection with the launch of Pokémon Go, it all points to one thing: users have discovered a guilty pleasure.

And in the midst of all of this Nintendo is regaining its reputation among investors, and that marks a big change from recent years where the company’s console had become little more than a way for the company to publish its own games.

Despite plans to boost user of the Wii U, the company hasn’t been able to significantly boost sales of the soon-to-be three year old console, and though the release of its next Zelda is expected to boost console sales that may not ensure long-term growth. As a result, some have dubbed the game as a potential savior to a company in decline.

Analysts say that the game puts Nintendo’s current stance in the gaming market into perspective, and shows that there’s a market the company is well positioned to dominate. It’s uncertain whether the firm’s upcoming Nintendo NX will turn consumers’ heads, but if the Kyoto-based company can turn the millions of players into a much needed improvement to overall revenue it may be able to regain a strong position in the mobile industry. Pokémon is one of the world’s most powerful brands, with a huge library of recognizable characters, and it’s unlikely the company will let an opportunity like Pokémon Go slip by.

The company was first reported to have gained 9 percent on Friday, and come Monday that number had jumped to 25 percent. And it’s no surprise looking at the massive popularity of the game (or is it an app?). Indeed, in its first week it experienced server issues and a frenzy of activity that kept it at the top of the highest-grossing charts in the US for three days running.

We’ve seen similar events happen with games like Fallout Shelter, a game based on the popular Fallout RPG franchise that sat on top of the charts for some time. A key difference, however, is the expected interaction with other players and a fanbase that extends far beyond that of Fallout. The game topped the “most downloaded” charts for both the iOS and Android stores faster than any other game in history, as a result of the following investments the company’s market value now stands at 2.9 trillion yen, equivalent to $28 billion.

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