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Pokémon Legends Arceus: Crafting guide

Items are about as integral to an RPG as stats, leveling, skills, and quests. You’re not likely to find an RPG without some kind of item in it, and that has been true of every single Pokémon game released so far. The newest entry in the mainline series, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, has perhaps more items than ever to serve all types of purposes. In some games, you might be able to get by without using items for the most part or hoarding them for that one really tough fight but never end up using them. That’s not true for this new take on the Pokémon formula. That’s why the item system has been expanded to give you more ways to acquire them.

Crafting is a mechanic most associated with the survival genre but has been slotted into this new Pokémon title to great effect. They implement a lot of the typical crafting systems, including materials, recipes, and special crafting areas. However, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has its own way of going about crafting which makes it a bit different from any other game. Because of how useful, and necessary, many of the items you can craft are, you’ll want to study up on this crafting guide to stock up in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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Unlocking crafting

A trainer looking at a crafting table.

Rather than throw you to the wolves, Pokémon Legends: Arceus eases you into its new mechanics. Crafting isn’t something you can immediately start doing, but only after progressing a short way through the game to learn a few other basic skills. After doing a few missions of Cyllene to prove yourself worthy of becoming a member of the Survey Corps and earning a spiffy new uniform, you can get your next mission by speaking to your rival is titled “The Basics of Crafting.” Complete this mission to fully unlock crafting, as well as your first recipe for Pokéballs.

How to craft

A crafting menu.

Once you have done the introductory mission, you will have two ways to go about crafting in Pokémon Legends: Arceus: using a workbench of a crafting kit. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Crafting at the workbench

The workbench is a set location, either at the Craftworks in Jubilife village or at a campsite, that you can interact with to start crafting. In exchange for having to return to a set location to craft, the benefit of crafting at a workbench is that you can pull materials from both your satchel and your storage to craft with on the spot. Once you interact with it, just navigate the menu to select what you want to craft, and how many, and confirm your choice. You will instantly make whatever you have selected, assuming you have the required materials of course.

Crafting with the crafting kit

The crafting kit, on the other hand, can be used anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is press up on the D-pad to open your menu and go to the Satchel tab. Select Key Items and then Crafting Kit to begin crafting on the spot. The system works exactly the same as at a workbench, but you will be limited to crafting only with what materials you have in your satchel at that moment.

Where to get materials

A trainer talking to Anvin about crafting.

Materials are your currency for crafting, so you will want to have as much of them as possible to make sure you don’t need to go out scouring the land before you can make a vital item. You will find a ton of them as you explore the various areas in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, so make sure to take any quick detours to pick up any you spot. Some will appear on the ground for you to grab, but others can’t be reached without the help of a Pokémon, such as inside colored rocks and minerals, or berries growing on trees.

Jubilife Village also has a farm area you can grow your own crafting materials. You will need to pay for some farmers to tend to the land for you, so this method isn’t free, but it will let you grow, once you meet the requirements and upgrade the farm: Apricorn, Medicinal, Vegetable, Mushroom, and Mint.

Obviously, harvesting materials yourself is the ideal way to stock up for crafting, but occasionally you will need just one or two things to make an item and don’t want to make a trip out into the world to try and find them. In that case, stop by the Craftworks building and speak to Anvin, to whom you can sell items as well as purchase crafting materials. It’s also right next to a workbench, making it an ideal spot to get all your crafting done before heading out.

How to get new recipes

A trainer getting a Pokéball recipe.

Just having the ingredients to make something doesn’t mean you will know how to make it. For that, you need a recipe, and every item you can craft in Pokémon Legends: Arceus has a recipe you need to unlock. These are mostly tied to main quests, requests, and increasing your research rank, so you will get a continuous drip-feed of new recipes for most of your adventure. Just like buying materials, Anvin at the Craftworks building can also sell you some recipes.

All crafting recipes

This is a full list of all the items you can craft in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, including what the item is, what you need to make it, and how to get the recipe for it. We’ve broken them down into categories for easy searching.

All Pokéball recipes

Item Recipe How to get it
Poke Ball 1x Apricorn 1x Tumblestone Main story
Great Ball 1x Apricorn 1x Iron Chunk 1x Tumblestone Reach Third Start Member rank
Ultra Ball 1x Apricorn 2x Iron Chunks 2x Tumblestone Reach Sixth Start Member rank
Heavy Ball 1x Apricorn 1x Black Tumblestone Reach First Start Member rank
Leaden Ball 1x Apricorn 1x Black Tumblestone 1x Iron Chunk Reach Fourth Start Member rank
Gigaton Ball 1x Apricorn 2x Black Tumblestone 2x Iron Chunk Reach Seventh Start Member rank
Feather Ball 1x Apricorn 1x Sky Tumblestone Reach Second Start Member rank
Wing Ball 1x Apricorn 1x Sky Tumblestone 1x Iron Chunk Reach Fifth Start Member rank
Jet Ball 1x Apricorn 2x Sky Tumblestone 2x Iron Chunk Reach Eighth Start Member rank

All healing item recipes

Item Recipe How to get it
Potion 1x Oran Berry 1x Medicinal Leek Main story
Revive 1x Vivichoke 2x Medicinal Leek Main story
Max Revive 1x Revive 2x King’s Leaf Buy at Craftworks for 2,500
Super Potion 1x Potion 1x Pep-Up Plant Reach Second Start Member rank
Stealth Spray 1x Hopo Berry 3x Bugwort Defeat your rival
Jubilife Muffin 2x Hearty Grains 2x Hopo Berry 1x Razz Berry 1x Cake-Lure Base Complete the “Taste of Home” request
Hyper Potion 1x Super Potion 1x Vivichoke Reach Fourth Start Member rank
Remedy 2x Bugwort But at Craftworks for 1,000
Fine Remedy 1x Remedy 1x Pep-Up Plant Buy at Craftworks for 3,000
Superb Remedy 1x Fine Remedy 1x Vivichoke Buy at Craftworks for 6,000
Full Heal 1x Cheri Berry 1x Pecha Berry 1x Rawsty Berry 1x Aspear Berry Buy at Craftworks for 5,000
Max Ether 1x Leppa Berry 2x Pep-Up Plant Buy at Craftworks for 5,000
Max Elixir 1x Max Ether 1x King’s Leaf Buy at Craftworks for 25,000
Old Gateaux 1x Plump Beans 1x Dazzling Honey 1x Scootfoot Root 1x Cake-Lure Base Found in the Crimson Mirelands by speaking to Taeko in Brava Arena

All stat boosting item recipes

Item Recipe How to get it
Aux Guard 2x Iron Barktongue 1x Pep-Up Plant Buy at Craftworks for 1,500
Aux Power 2x Swordcap 1x Pep-Up Plant Buy at Craftworks for 1,500
Aux Powerguard 1x Aux Power 1x Aux Guard 1x King’s Leaf Buy at Craftworks for 16,000
Aux Evasion 2x Doppel Bonnets 1x Candy Truffle Buy at Craftworks for 8,000
Choice Dumpling 3x Caster Fern 1x Direshroom 1x Swordcap 2x Hearty Grains Found in Coronet Highlands by talking to a Galaxy team member north of Lonely Spring on the east coast.
Dire Hit 2x Direshroom 1x Candy Truffle Buy at Craftworks for 4,000
Swap Snack 1x Candy Truffle 1x Scootfoot Root 1x Springy Mushroom 1x Hopo Berry Complete the “Serving Up Swap Snacks” request
Twice-Spiced Radish 2x Sand Radish 2x Crunchy Salt 2x Plump Beans 2x King’s Leaf Complete the “Perfect Pickle Recipe” request

All thrown item recipes

Item Recipe How to get it
Mushroom Cake 1x Springy Mushroom 1x Cake-Lure Base Complete the “Mushroom Cake Marketing” request
Honey Cake 1x Dazzling Honey 1x Cake-Lure Base Buy at Craftworks for 1,000
Bean Cake 1x Plump Beans 1x Cake-Lure Base Buy at Craftworks for 1,000
Grain Cake 1x Heart Grains 1x Cake-Lure Base Buy at Craftworks for 1,000
Salt Cake 1x Crunchy Salt 1x Cake-Lure Base Buy at Craftworks for 1,000
Scatter Bang 1x Pop Rod 1x Caster Fern Main story
Smoke Bomb 1x Caster Fern 1x Scootroot Main story
Sticky Glob 1x Spoiled Apricorn 1x Ball of Mud 1x Caster Fern Buy at Craftworks for 20,000

Misc. item recipes

Item Recipe How to get it
Pokeshi Doll 3x Wood Start the “Please! Make Me a Pokeshi Doll” request
Star Piece 3x Red Shard 3x Blue Shard 3x Green Shard 1x Stardust Buy at Craftworks for 10,000

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