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All Old Verse locations in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There’s really no need for any extra incentive to go explore the Hisui region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The freedom of the regions to run around, encounter Pokémon, complete tasks, or just take in the sights is brand new to the franchise. There is a ton to discover in each zone beyond just the next Pokémon you want to catch. Collectibles have never really been a thing in Pokémon games before, at least not to a serious extent, but thanks to the more open style of this game, GameFreak has scattered some hidden goodies for you to hunt down.

The most notable collectibles you can add to your list of things to, well, collect all of are called Old Verses. Unlike many other collectibles, these are so well hidden that, unless you know specifically how to find them, there’s almost no chance you will accidentally stumble upon one during normal play. Bucking the usual trend with collectibles, it has to be said that there’s no tangible reward for finding them all. Instead, you just get a more complete and detailed picture of the world you’ve found yourself in. To help you put this ancient poem back together, here are all the Old Verse locations in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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How to find Old Verses

A trainer riding a pokemon that can dig.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Step one in your hunt for these bits of poetry is to first play through the game until you complete the Arezu’s Predicament mission. By completing this mission you will gain the ability to mount the Noble Ursaluna and use their tracking ability to dig for treasure. Once you’re within range, the Ursaluna will lead you right to the treasure and prompt you to uncover it. To add another wrinkle to things, some are located in areas you need additional mounts to reach, such as ones you can ride over water.

There are a total of 20 Old Verses to find, with each of the five main regions in the game containing four of them. Because each verse is numbered, we will refer to them by how they’re listed in your menu. You can read each of them as you collect them, or wait until you have them all to get the full story at once.

All Obsidian Fieldlands Old Verses

The region map in Pokémon Legends.
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Old Verse 19 is in the northwest corner of the map. Go to the edge of the map in the Floaro Gardens to trigger Ursaluna to find it.

Old Verse 14 is on the far west side of Deertrack Heights. Go to the cliff overlooking the river and make your way south until you get the prompt.

Old Verse 15 is almost perfectly east on the map. You will need to climb the mountains a bit northeast of the Obsidian Falls. You’ll know you’re in the right area if you spot the Alpha Blissey.

Old Verse 17 is buried on the beach of Ramanas Island. Go to the southern shore and walk the sand to give Ursaluna the scent.

All Crimson Mirelands Old Verses

Basculegion in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

To get the first chronological Old Verse, we need to venture into Gapejaw Bog. To get here, you have to have unlocked Sneasler as a ridable Pokémon first. Once there, stick close to the trees as you make your way east through the bog and you’ll come across the dig spot.

Old Verse 2 is very easy to locate. Go to the Shrouded Ruins and find a fallen piece of an arch in the dirt at the north side. Dig under the slanted pillar to grab this text.

Old Verse 9 is in an odd spot between Ursa’s Ring and Sludge Mound. At the middle point between these locations, find an open spot between a bunch of dead trees to dig this verse up.

Old Verse 13 is buried in the Cottonsedge Prairie. Follow the path a bit north through the field of cotton plants and you’ll run right over the spot you need to dig.

All Cobalt Coastlands Old Verses

A Pokémon trainer flies under a bird Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
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The first Old Verse, number 3, is conveniently located right behind Iscan’s house. If you head around back, look for the blue berry tree and dig right below it for this part of the poem.

Old Verse 4 is also hidden below a berry tree. This time the tree is on the edge of Firespit Island. On the west end, where the land is still grassy, go to the northern section and dig it up from below the tree.

Old Verse 5 is partway between Islespy Shore and Spring Path. Directly east of the cave icon on the map, the spot is just before the terrain turns into the cliffs leading up to the spring.

Out in the ocean now, Old Verse 10 is straight north from Tranquility Cove. There’s a small rock jetting out into the sea from the large curved island here you can somehow dig into and collect this verse.

All Coronet Highlands Old Verses

A trainer sneaking through tall grass.
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Once you arrive at the Mountain Camp, climb up the nearby cliff overlooking the camp by riding your Sneasler and dig up this treasure, Old Verse 8, right next to the tree and pile of leaves.

For Old Verse 11, just make the trip over to the Temple of Sinnoh. The dig spot is just to the right of the steps leading into the temple. Note that you can’t reach this area until you start or finish the mission called Atop Mount Coronet.

Old Verse 16 is in an odd spot between the Sacred Plaza and Celestica Ruins. Between these two points, go up the mountain ridge to the north so you can look down on the crumbling city. At the edge of the cliff, on an elevated platform, your Ursaluna will pick up the scent.

And that brings us to Old Verse 18, way down in the southwest of the map tucked in the corner of the Fabled Spring. Walk along the edge of the map here and you will find it among the trees in no time.

All Alabaster Icelands Old Verses

Hisuian Braviary in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Our final four pieces to find start with Old Verse 6. This one is buried inside the tunnel that leads into the mountain you can enter by going northeast from Icebound Falls. The tunnel is blocked by some big rocks, so make sure you have a Pokémon that can clear the way for you.

Old Verse 7 is an easier one to reach. Just go to Lake Acuity, the top ring where the waterfall begins, and stand on the east side overlooking the falls. Below the snow is this next bit of lore.

Like Old Verse 6, Old Verse 12 is also hidden inside an icy tunnel. This time the cave is to the southeast of Snowfall Hot Spring. Just ride through and you will detect the verse near the end of the tunnel.

Last up, Old Verse 20 is at the base of the mountains west of Bonechill Wastes. Look for a hole in the ground leading to another cave, and go up the little ridge just behind it and dig up this final bit of treasure.

Full Old Verse Poem

Spoilers ahead: If you just want to see a full, completed compilation of what all 20 Old Verses make when put together, here is the poem in full. It is an interesting read that you can make some cool inferences and theories from regarding the lore of the entire Pokémon world.

“Once there were two. And one looked upon time’s steady pace. And one looked upon the expanse of space. And the two set out: the fullness of future did they seek, the world’s far end would they greet. Two different paths— each walking alone a path their own, though they walk with almighty Sinnoh.

O you, who at the world’s far-off end dwell, I know your wish—it is my wish as well. My own beloved is now gone from me, departed to a place I cannot reach. My old companions have left behind their faces into days gone by. Still to my breast I clutch this hopeless dream, a futile wish for us once more to meet. O you, who at the world’s far-off end dwell, I know your wish—it is my wish as well. But ours are cold and endless winter days, warmed only by memories locked away

No claws nor fangs, no strength to claim— no man could hope to hold his own to mighty Pokémon. But bolts of light rained down one day, ten times they fell, ten times struck true upon ten Pokémon. Then to weak man did these ten turn, his strength to be, and all were blessed by loyal Pokémon. Were not these bolts a gift to man? Were they not your almighty grace, great Sinnoh, paragon?

Ten Pokémon, the ancient hero’s loyal retinue— though these companions now are gone, their noble duty passes on to generations new. The people thank the ten descendants for their gen’rous toil by lining vessels built to last with water clear and choice repast before the arenas’ soil.

Long and longer yet ago, Celestica was here. But folk and town alike, both did disappear. In time, came new folk sailing, sailing ‘cross the sea, called by their love for Sinnoh, great and almighty. But diff’rent were the Sinnoh that each folk did hold dear, And bitter strife and angry war were always at the near. ‘Celestica’ they called themselves, the name not theirs to take. Yet claim it from the past they did, for tragic quarrel’s sake. So once again did our name live, though all our people gone. But even if the name endures, its heart does not live on.

When that Pokémon was born, intelligence bloomed among us, enriching all our morrows. When that Pokémon was born, emotions bloomed among us, giving us joy and sorrows. When that Pokemon was born, willpower bloomed among us to act and not to wallow.

O, lake in alabaster lands of ice, lake brimming o’er with rich acuity… How many seek the Pokémon that shows itself there, out to answer its words true and earn it’s boon through ingenuity? But should they fail to understand its words and let its questions meet with no reply, their minds will be wiped clean of memory… O, lake in alabaster lands of ice, depths where rich acuity goes to sink.

Throughout Hisui, plates lie scattered— plates with powers all diverse. Forever lasting, each inscribed with eternal prayer’s verse. Through space and time will they bear secret wishes for the universe.

I set the bones of Pokémon adrift upon the river. I let my memories flow on, adrift upon the river. And to the ocean they will flow, perhaps around the world to go. How many bones in days now gone have I now set adrift from me? How many bones in days to come will I yet set adrift to sea? While every gift with which I part takes a sliver of my heart.

Twas long ago he earned the name ‘hero’… He led his retinue, ten Pokémon, against the almighty unknowable. In battle did his valiance proclaim at last the strength of humble humankind. The great unknowable approved this feat, and to its domain of no place returned.

Let our wishes reach heaven’s crown,’ the people together vowed. So they and their Pokémon bore stone to the peak of heaven’s mount. The people carved the gathered stones in shapes of Pokémon— the ten Pokémon Sinnoh shone its almighty light upon.

Wintry… Austere… Brimming with strange power… Certainly the land of Hisui bears some resemblance to Sinjoh. Here, where the ancient Sinnoh people were born, I will spend an eternity… until the one with the mission appears.

Sootfoot, humble root— harvest it, and peel it. Broil, baked, or steamed will do, just let nobody steal it. Mash the root, then knead the mash, then once more heat it over— Grill it only till it browns— use Ember, not Flamethrower. Now harken well, and listen closely: the wise adore potato mochi. A day spent eating all in reach, is no day wasted, if you ask me.

The fieldlands rush by underhoof as Wyrdeer carries me astride— Companions of mine run with us and Pokémon dash alongside. We come to stand where wind had swept and old days play before my eyes… The memories come running through, linking this place to times gone by. Time and space here blend together and enfold my heart as I remember.

The flow of time never stops… The past, future, and present… Space is ever-expanding dimensions… Our spirits, too, are as space…

Heaven’s crown, nearest to almighty Sinnoh… Power of almighty Sinnoh, gather as stone at heaven’s mount. Stone, let your power flow— distort and bend the world around you.

Upon Hisui’s winds it wheeled, brought life to every growing thing. Where go you when you are not here?’ asked I one day the god of spring. No answer would it give me clear, but still did I have an inkling. There is no great dark truth untold— it simply does not like the cold.

Offer only friendship to those around you. Angering ??? in turn confounds you. Sorrowing ??? will in woe drown you. A land, once riven, cannot become new. Let only peace and amity surround you.

When first this land was formed, man and ‘mon lived happily, sharing all that they could see, by kind acts born and warmed. One Pokémon then proposed that they should always ready be to help the humans should they need, and let their presence be disclosed. And that is why, to this day, not all Pokémon do flee when a human they do see— they leap out where tall grasses sway.

Once it shone upon us all, with all the warmth of welcome sun. But now we weep, to grief we fall, starved of light now it has gone. And some they go, despair withal, in search of it they reel and run. They quit their hearths, abandon hall, and leave our lands to be undone. And when they’re gone beyond recall, this land will be a home to none. This land will only ever be a home to Pokémon.

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