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Nintendo Switch Online adds another classic Pokémon spinoff game

Pokémon Puzzle League will be available to all Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass subscribers starting on July 15.
The addictive spin-off puzzle title Pokémon Puzzle League combines elements from the Pokémon franchise with the gameplay from Panel de Pon, in which the aim is to arrange colored blocks to earn points. The game was the first to feature characters from the anime, such as Ash, Misty, and Brock. The crew will enter Puzzle Village where they will encounter other trainers, gym leaders, and members of Team Rocket and face off in puzzle battles.
Pokémon Puzzle League is the 17th N64 game to be added to the Expansion Pass service and the second Pokémon game in a row, following last month’s addition of Pokémon Snap. This title had one other re-release on the Wii via the Virtual Console, however, Nintendo has since shut that service down, making this the only way to play this title without the original hardware.
A strange note is that Pokémon Puzzle League will not be available on the service in Japan. Instead, players in that region will be getting Custom Robo due to the fact that Pokémon Puzzle League only saw a western release at launch and never got a Japanese translation.
The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass started off feeling like a poor value upon launch but has since grown to feel like a valuable service. The inclusion of more cult classic games like Pokémon Puzzle League, and even the latest collection of Sega Genesis games like Zero Wing, have been a significant factor in winning over those hardcore Nintendo fans.

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