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‘Pokémon Sun,’ ‘Moon’ data miners extract new characters, Alolan forms from demo

A demo version of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, Nintendo’s upcoming monster-battling role-playing games, unintentionally revealed dozens of new creatures, forms, and evolutions ahead of the planned November launch of the two games — and data miners are quickly spreading word of their discoveries.

Upon disassembling the demo versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon, hackers discovered that the games’ data contained 3D models and images featuring dozens of previously unannounced Pokémon characters, including the final evolved forms of the games’ starter Pokémon. Be warned: This article and the video linked above contain spoilers for the upcoming retail versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Launching worldwide next month, Pokémon Sun and Moon are the latest entries in Nintendo’s long-running monster-collecting RPG series. Pokémon Sun and Moon shift the franchise to a tropical setting, and introduces an array of regional Pokémon variants alongside critters never before seen in previous Pokémon games.

Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s alternate “Alolan” forms of returning Pokémon have garnered a great degree of discussion among fans in recent months. Data miners have discovered that 3D models of many Alolan creatures are hidden within the new demo, including reimagined versions of first-generation Pokémon like Diglett, Dugtrio, Persian, and the Geodude family.

Fans may be disappointed to find that Nintendo has limited plans for its Alolan creature subset, however. Based on data mined so far, it seems unlikely that the final versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon will feature Alolan variants of Pokémon creatures from generations beyond the series’ initial Game Boy releases.

The demo additionally outed the existence of eight ultra beasts, which feature designs that contrast sharply with existing Pokémon creatures. Currently, it’s unknown what role ultra beasts will have in Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s storyline.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will launch at retail, as well as digitally via the Nintendo 3DS eShop, on November 18.

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