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Pokémon Trading Card Game is going mobile in a confusing way

The Trading Card Game is making its way to the Apple Store and Google Play in the form of Pokémon Trading Card Game Live. Players will soon be able to add new cards, buy in-game booster packs, and complete daily quests on the go from the comfort of their phone or PC.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live ? [SNEAK PEEK] ? | Official Trailer

Pokémon TCG online has existed for quite some time now. However, this is the first time the game is coming to mobile, which is causing a bit of confusion among players. Pokémon Trading Card Game Live seems to be a total rebranding of the existing online trading card game, Pokémon TCG Online.

I’m confused as to what is different from the online tcg we already have

— Sch0ening (@sch0ening) September 20, 2021

The new, Pokémon Trading Card Game Live will carry over players’ collections from Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and finally brings the experience to mobile phones. TCG Online players won’t be able to transfer Pokémon TCG cards from HeartGold & Soul Silver, avatar items, unopened products, in-game currency, friends lists, or saved decks.

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This new version implements content and accessories unlockable by completing daily quests. There will also be a Battle Pass with extra daily quests, similar to Fortnite‘s system.

One of the new additions that is confusing existing TCG online players is the three new currencies. There are coins, credits, and crystals, which all are used to unlock different things in the game. Another downside of the new mobile TCG is that players will not be able to trade cards with others in Trading Card Game Live.

Most likely to keep confusion to a minimum, it was reported that Pokémon TCG Online will be shut down before the release of Pokémon TCG Live.

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