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Pokémon Unite is adding a subscription with monthly rewards

Pokémon’s multiplayer online battle arena title Pokémon Unite is getting a new subscription deal to go along with its current battle pass. The monthly membership will give players more rewards, which include even more Holowear that’ll let players further show off their style.

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This new monthly subscription, called the “Pokémon Unite Membership,” isn’t to be confused with the premium battle pass, which gives players extra monthly battle pass rewards for a fee. The subscription’s perks include mostly cosmetic rewards for 1,150 yen, or roughly $9 a month.

Pokémon news site Serebii reports that the monthly rewards include several pieces of fashion and discounts:

  • Two Holowear License trials a week
  • A special Holowear each month
  • New chat balloons
  • A 10% discount on trainer fashion
  • 40 free gems every day

Much like monthly memberships present in other free-to-play games such as Fortnite‘s “Fortnite Crew,” Pokémon Unites Unite Membership’s main perk comes in the form of different skins and costumes for playable Pokémon. However, with the subscription including free daily Aeos gems (which can be used in the item shop or to upgrade to a premium battle pass), it’s a service that could pay for itself depending on how much money players spend normally. Players who sign up for the service also get a fashion set for the Pokémon Hoopla.

While the subscription’s details are out in the open, there is no word on a launch date for the program at this time. It seems likely that it should hit the game before the end of the year with the company stating it’s “coming soon.”

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