Power A’s Moga levels up and goes pro

power as moga levels up and goes pro angleA few months back Power A introduced the Moga, a Bluetooth connected controller that helped to increase the potential of gaming on Android powered tablets and smartphones. It wasn’t the first peripheral to try to expand gaming on mobile devices, but it was and possibly is the best.

Not content to rest on its laurels, this week at CES Power A will be unveiling the Mogo Pro, a controller that feels and acts like a traditional gaming controller. The original Moga is a truncated version of a controller, designed specifically with mobility in mind. It was designed to be small and fit in a pocket, and because of that it was also slightly limited in the way it felt. This was a minor sacrifice compared to what you gained, but it was a sacrifice. The Moga Pro changes that.

power as moga levels up and goes pro gameplay

The new controller is slightly smaller than an Xbox 360 controller, but it bears the same configuration: Two analog sticks, a traditional d-pad, four buttons on the front, and two shoulder buttons. Like the previous Moga, it also contains an arm that extends from the controller in order to capture and hold a smartphone or tablet. The Moga Pro also includes the new Moga pivot app, a free app that will also be available in the Google Play store. The app will make it easier to find Moga compatible gaming.

This controller also offers another interesting aspect. If you have a phone or tablet capable of connecting to a standard TV or monitor, with the Bluetooth connected controller you can essentially turn your mobile device into a gaming console. It is a concept not far removed from the upcoming kickstarter funded Ouya console, which is Android based as well. The Ouya is more sophisticated, but this isn’t far behind.