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Preacher TV series to embrace the weirdness while following a ‘Walking Dead-type path’

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It’s hard to believe that Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher comic book series is finally, officially moving toward becoming a TV series after so many aborted attempts to adapt it for screens large and small, but it’s true. The story of a preacher who speaks with the voice of God and his friends – a drug addicted Irish vampire and an expert markswoman-slash-ex-girlfriend – seems just a little too odd for Hollywood. And yet Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are partnered to produce it with Breaking Bad‘s Sam Catlin on board as showrunner and Ennis himself in the mix, consulting on the creative side. The sure-to-be-bizarre product of their combined efforts will air on Breaking Bad‘s former network, AMC, and Goldberg/Rogen promise plenty of weirdness and edge-pushing TV in the vein of The Walking Dead.

Goldberg and Rogen spoke frankly about their experiences so far in a recent interview with Ain’t It Cool News. “The weirdness is in,” Rogen said in reference to the comic’s unusual blend of popular myth, religious iconography, and over-the-top satire, which many observers have rightly targeted as the most challenging aspect of a mass audience-friendly Preacher adaptation.

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“It seems like the language is going to be the most restrictive thing, but that I’m not worried about,” Rogen continued, recounting a recent meeting that brought him, Goldberg, Ennis, Catlin, and AMC executives into a room together. “[The] religious stuff, they’re totally cool with. The violence, they’re totally cool with. The nudity is hard, but we can find ways around that.”

The biggest potential obstacle – securing creative input from Ennis – hasn’t been an issue at all. Goldberg and Rogen admit that certain aspects of the story laid out in the comic will inevitably change in their treatment “to make it a TV show that functions properly,” but they’ve been encouraged to see that Ennis’ primary concern  is just making sure the heart of what makes Preacher special carries over.

“[Ennis] sent us a document and it essentially explained ‘You can f**k around with anything, just not the three main characters and their dynamic. That’s the story. It’s a character story,'” Goldberg said. The meeting between the producers, Ennis, and AMC was productive in that regard: The comic creator approved of the approach that’s been pitched for the series, and AMC appears to recognize the potential for another hit.

“They’ve implied they want us to go on a Walking Dead-type path. That seems to be their strategy,” Goldberg said of the network response.

One other item of note: the character Arseface. He’ll be part of the show, of course, and his face will be transformed by physical makeup rather than computer wizardry. For those not familiar with Preacher, think about the name “Arseface” and what it could mean. If you’re not envisioning a literal interpretation, you’re probably not close to what the character looks like in the comics. Can you spot him in the header image up top?

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Powers TV series will premiere on PlayStation Network in December
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During Monday's Sony event at E3 2014, Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of the popular comic book Powers, appeared on stage to offer an update on the development of the TV version of the series. Bendis confirmed that Powers would finally make the leap from page to screen.
"We are so excited to officially announce to you that Powers has been green-lit to series from Sony Television and PlayStation," Bendis told the audience.
Back in March, it was revealed that the series, which is the brainchild of both Bendis and co-creator Michael Avon Oeming, would be the first original television series to debut on the PlayStation Network. Powers revolves around the story of police detectives charged with investigating crimes involving superpowers.
The series is scheduled to premiere in December, with the first episode set to be free for all PlayStation Network users. The entire first season will be free for PS Plus subscribers. There is no word on what pricing will look like for non-subscribers. 
The adaptation of Bendis and Oeming's comic has been long in development. A Powers TV pilot was even filmed for FX, with Jason Patric and Lucy Punch in the lead roles as Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, respectively. The project stalled out at FX, though, and it moved to Sony earlier this year.
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Console Wars documentary will precede the fictionalized take on Sega vs. Nintendo

Fresh off of Neighbors, longtime collaborators Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are putting lots of effort right now into developing Garth Ennis's Preacher comic book series as an AMC TV series, but that's not all they're working on. Another hot project that the creative duo are excited to be bringing together is Console Wars, as Goldberg told Digital Trends during a recent chat.
Console Wars will be based on Blake Harris' recently released narrative history about the feud between game companies Sega and Nintendo in the early '90s.  The film, a dramatized take on the real-life story, would follow the employees of upstart video game company Sega as they attempt to challenge industry behemoth Nintendo for console supremacy. Goldberg and Rogen are currently attached as directors, writers, and producers on the film.
According to Goldberg, Harris is working on a documentary based on the book that will then inform the scripted take. 
"They've sent us an early cut [of the documentary]," said Goldberg. "We're getting some more footage on it. So we're working hard on the documentary and then, once it's done, we intend to get working on the actual movie."
Goldberg joked (okay, only half-joked) that his connection to a project like Console Wars is rooted in the very same experiences that informed so much of his other work with Rogen over the years. 
"I know childhood as a time when all I wanted to do was play video games. It's a topic that sings to us," he explained. "Superbad was all about how we couldn't get laid, but the reason we didn't get laid is because we were playing video games. That's the other half of the coin, and we want to explore that."
The weird juxtaposition of the cartoon-like characters that served as mascots for each company smiling and promoting their products while the two businesses fought a vicious, messy battle behind the scenes also proved compelling to Goldberg on an adult level. Sonic and Mario may have been cute, brightly colored ambassadors for their respective brands, but the cutthroat tactics employed by both the up-and-coming Sega and the deep-rooted powerhouse Nintendo were anything but cute, he explained.
"There was a war going on behind it all, and these companies were in an aggressive battle to defeat one another," he told Digital Trends. "So it fascinates us that a fun part of our childhoods was also an epic battle between companies."
One of the sticking points in the documentary, said Goldberg, is finding a way to bring the central conflict of the "console war" home to our modern era. 
"The starting point for the story was the war between Sega and Nintendo," he explained. "So we're working with the documentarians to bridge the gap between the Sega and Nintendo war and today, when we're talking about our iPhones and all the fun apps, and PlayStation and Xbox and the Wii and all of that. So we're still working on it. We want the documentary to be the best it can be before we get started on anything else."

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