Pregnant woman ignores labor to watch Skyrim clip

Now, there are a few ways you can take this story. It may just be a matter of bad timing and a couple that refused to run hysterically at the sign of one little problem. Others might read this and think that the couple in question–Stevi and Chaz–were out of their minds to not rush to the hospital, and maybe shouldn’t have been at QuakeCon in the first place. Or you can take a more “half full” approach and read this to mean that Elder Scrolls V: Skrim rocks so hard that it can shake babies out of their mothers’ wombs.

Last Friday during the QuakeCon presentation of Skyrim, expectant mother Stevi sat down with her fiancé Chaz to enjoy the clip of one of her most anticipated games of the year: Skyrim. But as the video began, Stevi began to have a slight issue—she went into labor. But rather than kowtowing to the demands of a fetus that obviously hadn’t developed far enough to know how awesome Skyrim looks, Stevi and Chaz decided to ignore the contractions and just hang out and watch the rest of the presentation. All 40-minutes of it.

Some might call that crazy, some may call it irresponsible, but to be fair, the contractions began just as the Frost Dragon was announced. And the Frost Dragon is awesome.

“During the demo Todd Howard [Game Director and Executive Producer for Skyrim] showed off the Frost Dragon. This is what started the whole thing, seeing this must have filled Stevi with so much excitement that it sent her into labor,” Chaz explained to Game Informer.

The couple has a fairly involved history at QuakeCon. Last year, Chaz proposed to Stevi on stage at the end of the convention, and they intended to tie the knot at this year’s event. But that was before the Frost Dragon rocked the baby loose.

But it isn’t really as nutty as it sounds. Stevi is not due until September 10, and both she and Chaz felt that there was a very good chance that it was a false labor. So they decided to wait it out to see if the contractions continued–which they did–prompting the couple to head for the hospital. After the presentation, of course.

As of this morning, Stevi has yet to give birth, but they do have a name all picked out for their unborn daughter—Atari Lynn. But according to the soon-to-be mother who explained the name to MSNBC, the name isn’t what you might think. “The name Atari comes from the name Ataru which means ‘to hit a target’ and the word Atari is used when a prediction has come true or someone has won the lottery. Her first and middle name together mean ‘To hit a target, from the lake’.”

Chaz also defended the decision to skip that whole bothersome “labor” thing and stay for the rest of the presentation by claiming that Stevi “is a trooper and LOVES Skyrim.” 

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