Prepare for the horde in this Gears of War 3 tutorial

prepare for the horde in this gears of war 3 tutorial gowThe horde mode has become synonymous with the Gears of War online multiplayer experience, so it is no surprise that it returns with a few new bells and whistles for the upcoming Gears of War 3. In essence, the mode is the same as it was in GoW 2, but the changes should make it feel like an entirely different experience.

Cash will now play a significant role in the horde strategy, as it can be used to build barriers, and purchase other items to help you survive. The barriers will play a big role in the new mode, and each obstacle can be repeatedly upgraded to make it more powerful. You will also be able to purchase weapons and repair damaged fortifications with cash, as well as pick up new ammo and a few other surprises.

You can also buy your way back into the game when you die, which is a huge addition. There will be more team interaction as well, as you can now switch guns, pass on ammo and give cash to each other. There will also be new side missions that are not essential to complete the wave, but they will give you items and cash when you succeed in finishing them off. Another new addition is boss fights, which occur every 10th wave.

You can check out more about the horde mode below in the video, and then experience it for yourself when Gears of War 3 is released as an Xbox 360 exclusive on September 20.