‘Prey’ ending guide: All the choices that matter to the story

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Prey‘s alien-infested Talos-1 space station is full of rampaging monsters, desperate survivors, and a ton of potential choices. All the way through its 30-hour-plus narrative, players are constantly making decisions about how to deal with the alien threat, the humans they discover, and much more.

All of those choices — many of which are not readily apparent — affect the game’s story. Some of those effects are obvious, like whether or not a specific character stays alive long enough alter the narrative further down the line. Some don’t pop up until the very end of the game, though, and, in fact, the number of elements Prey tracks to determine how your story will end is larger than you’d expect. Everything, from whether you fight or sneak past enemies, to how you upgrade your character, contributes to Morgan Yu’s ultimate fate.

While this makes every little thing you do very important, Prey isn’t judgmental about how you work through its story. Killing everyone you come across to contain the Typhon threat is a valid response. So is saving everyone. Completing side quests matters, but skipping or failing them also has an active impact. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.

With so many elements at play, it can be tough to figure out how everything you’ve done has crafted the story and its ending, though. Here, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the ways you can alter the story in Prey, and all the decisions that will play a role in the ending. Here’s every factor that Prey keeps track of as you explore Talos-1.

Editor’s Note: This guide contains detailed spoilers. If you do not want to know what happens in Prey, do not read any further!

How many Typhon you kill

Talos-1 is infested with ghostly alien creatures that will try to rip you apart. Taking an action hero approach is a valid one in Prey, but so is sneaking your way past threats and avoiding conflict altogether. How you work your way through the station can change the moment-to-moment story, and also has an effect later in the game. Both approaches are valid and most players will probably balance the two, but how you choose to play the game all the way through matters.

Which neuromods you use

Once you get access to the Psychoscope, a device that allows you to scan Typhon enemies, Morgan gains access to a new set of upgrades and abilities based on the Typhon, such as the ability to dominate machines, throw fireballs, and transform into objects. All those abilities are fun, but keep in mind — the volume of Typhon DNA you stick in your head will eventually come up.

How many humans you save (or don’t)

About a third of the way through Prey, when you find the Crew Quarters on Talos-1, you’ll start to encounter humans whose minds have been overrun by certain Typhon’s psychic powers. Dominated humans don’t really attack you — instead, they kind of just toddle in your direction until they get close. Then, their heads explode like grenades. You can kill those humans or get them to blow themselves up. Alternatively, you can zap them with the Disruptor pistol to knock them unconscious, or use neuromods to unlock a Typhon power that lets you free humans from telepathic domination. You can unlock an achievement or trophy for not killing anyone on the station — and another for killing everyone.

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The man in Psychotronics

In order to reach the G.U.T.S., players must make their way through Psychotronics. Getting there means lifting a lockdown that has sealed several doors, and the only way to do that is to complete an experiment that was running during the Typhon outbreak. Arriving at the site of the experiment, you’ll encounter a man who the staff had planned to expose to a mimic, which would kill him. Whether you choose to let him out or turn the mimic loose on him — and whether you believe the man is a former human trafficker or not — gets noted for the ending.

December or January?

Not long after you awaken on Talos-1, you are introduced to January, a mysterious guide who gives you instructions to help you work through the station. Later in the game, you’ll receive a message from a second mysterious guide called December, who gives you a different mission. Though it’s marked as a side mission, December’s quest can lead to a brief (and not great) early ending if you finish it mid-way through the game. You can hold off on completing the mission until the end of the game if you want to change what happens during your final moments aboard Talos-1 later on. You can also ignore December altogether.


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