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7 Elden Ring-style games to buy in the Prime Early Access Sale

Elden Ring is one of the year’s best games, as it has expertly eased millions of players into the Soulslike action game subgenre with its vast open world, compelling narrative, and fun combat. While you can easily spend over 100 hours in Elden Ring or pick it up for the first time at a discounted price during Amazon’s second big sales event of this year, the Prime Early Access Sale, fans of the game should also check out other Soulslikes now that they’ve been turned onto the subgenre. Thankfully, quite a few great Soulslikes have been discounted in Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, and we recommend checking out those games — which include the likes of Demon’s Souls and Mortal Shell — before you return to The Lands Between yet again.

Demon’s Souls

The protagonist of Demon's Souls going up against a massive creature.

If you like Elden Ring, you need to see where it all began. Demon’s Souls was FromSoftware’s first game to really establish the current Soulslike formula of tough, methodical combat and mysterious lore-heavy worlds. It got a beautiful remake from Bluepoint at the PlayStation 5’s launch, and it normally costs $70. In the Prime Early Access Sale, though, you can pick it up for $57 and see just how far the Soulslike formula has come. 

Dark Souls Remastered

The player and Solair fighting the bell gargoyle.

While Demon’s Souls invented the Soulslike formula, Dark Souls is what really popularized it. Anyone who enjoys Soulslike games owes it to themselves to go back and finish Dark Souls to truly understand why this subgenre works so well. Thankfully, Dark Souls Remastered is currently discounted by 50% on PS4, so you can snag it for just under $15. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

A samurai slashes an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
Via FromSoftware

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was FromSoftware’s latest game before Elden Ring, and it’s more focused on fast-paced swordplay and parrying than its previous titles. It’s a bit of a precursor to Elden Ring in that it was the first time FromSoftware really branched out from the typical Soulslike formula since Dark Souls made a big splash. It’s usually $60, but you can pick it up for $33 right now, so that’s a great deal for the black sheep of FromSoftware’s Soulslike lineup. 

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Jack fights with the Samurai Job in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Even a series as long-running as Final Fantasy took some cues from Soulslikes for the recent spinoff Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. It stands out thanks to its faster-paced combat and a really wacky story about a man named Jack who wants to kill Chaos prior to the events of Final Fantasy I. Still, if you enjoyed Elden Ring, you’ll likely have some fun with this Final Fantasy game and its over-the-top characters and story. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are both currently discounted by 40% and 33%, respectively, for the Prime Early Access Sale, so check it out!

The Nioh Collection

The protagonist of Nioh 2 going up against a massive horse-like demon.

Koei Tecmo’s two Nioh games are some of the best non-FromSoftware-developed Soulslikes out there thanks to their unique Japanese setting and stance system, and they got remastered for PS5 as The Nioh Collection. While it’s normally $70, you can currently pick it up for $50 and get hours of Soulslike enjoyment with it. Playing The Nioh Collection will also prepare you for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja’s Nioh spiritual successor that’s set in China and launches next year.  

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition

The Hardern Hero from Mortal Shell wears gold armor and holds an axe.

Mortal Shell is shameless in its clear Dark Souls inspiration aesthetically but manages to stand out because players have to possess a dead warrior’s “mortal shell” to gain helpful abilities and can harden themselves at any time to block an attack. It’s one of the better Soulslikes to emerge in recent years, and you can pick it up for just $24 during the Prime Early Access sale. 


The player fights an enemy in Hellpoint.

Most Soulslikes are fantasy games, but Hellpoint shows how malleable the formula really is with its sci-fi settings. It’s a little less polished than the other Soulslikes on the list but still shows just how far the Soulslike genre’s influence has reached. While the Nintendo Switch version of Hellpoint is normally $35, you can pick it up for $25 during the Prime Early Access sale. 

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