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‘Project CARS 2’ looks beautiful — and so do the cars — in leaked trailer

Bandai Namco pulls back the curtain on 'Project Cars 2,' set to arrive late this year

It’s time to dust off your racing wheel because Project CARS 2 is coming this year.

Launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in late 2017, Project CARS 2 will feature more than 170 cars, more than 60 tracks, and “racing disciplines” including ice, mud, and snow. The PC version of the game will also feature 12K support as well as VR compatibility.

Project CARS 2‘s development initially began in 2015, when developer Slightly Mad Studios launched a crowdfunding campaign for the project. The campaign was announced just a month after the original game shipped for PC.

Prior to the official announcement by publisher Bandai Namco, a trailer for Project CARS 2 was leaked online. The trailer wasn’t particularly heavy on details, but it did show off some interesting bits of automotive grandeur. The trailer opens with bits of carbon fiber and a shot of the highly sought-after Ford GT. Then the trailer graces us with the McLaren P1 GTR — only 45 were ever made. Considering it costs around $2 million, Project CARS 2 might be the only way to experience this extravagantly high-end car. The trailer also shows off the Lamborghini GT3 Huracan and some rally racers, but it gives particular attention to the weather. It seems that Slightly Mad Studios has been hard at work making weather changes more dynamic, with rain pooling up in every little crevice.

The reason the word cars is stylized as CARS is because it’s an acronym. It stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator. Unlike most high-budget video games, Project Cars was funded by the community, and Project CARS 2 employs the same model. Using the World of Mass Development platform, people can invest in the game. Investors can then see a return via profits from the first few years the game is out on the market. It’s a unique way to go about getting a game of this magnitude funded.

The original Project CARS was notable for its stellar graphical presentation, sound design, and overall sim-racing experience. While some enthusiasts might argue that it doesn’t have the best sim mechanics on the market, no one could deny that, as an overall package, it’s pretty stellar. Project CARS also boasts that The Stig, from the incredibly popular BBC television series Top Gear, is an adviser on the game’s development.

Updated on 2-9-2017 by Gabe Gurwin: Added info from Bandai Namco following game’s official unveiling.

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