Project Natal Goes on Sale Fall 2010


After a delay due to power failure, an intolerably long time listening to Steve Ballmer rehash Microsoft accomplishments infomercial-style in a Mr. Rogers sweater, and some much needed levity from Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live, Microsoft finally gave us some good news at Tuesday night’s keynote.

Project Natal, a 3D camera that detects human motion in front of a TV to interact with games that debuted at E3 2009, will hit store shelves in fall 2010. Of course, we knew this back in November, but it’s nice to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Unfortunately, details like an exact release date and MSRP remain unknown.


In a slightly less predictable turn of events, Microsoft also showed off Game Room for Xbox 360, a new Live application that will allow players to essentially build their own arcades, complete with real, playable 70’s and 80’s arcade games. In other words, it’s like a legal, networked version of MAME. Initial shots showed multiple-level dream arcades populated with Live avatars playing games like Centipede head to head. Microsoft claims the final product will offer 1,000 games, and debut in the spring.