Project Spark screenshots stretch the limits of player creativity

Earlier this week, Microsoft and Team Dakota’s intriguing new content-creation game, Project Spark, became available via an open beta (sign-up required) for Xbox One users. The beta joins the one that’s been available to Windows 8.1 users since December 2013. Despite that, the game is still an unknown commodity for most, and one that isn’t quickly or easily defined.

It’s an ambitious game that is what users make of it. You create the world, and then populate it with a variety of objects. Think LittleBigPlanet, but on a slightly larger scale and in a 3D world. For a better sense of what the game is, and what it may become, check out our Project Spark E3 2013 preview.

While it’s difficult to easily or quickly explain what the game is, you can get an idea of how it looks thanks to the plethora of screenshot above. No release date on the game yet, but with the beta now on two platforms, we may have a better idea on that in the near future.