Protect your flimsy human body in Portal 2 boots seen in this new trailer

It is a cautionary tale. There you are, flying through the air, firing off portal after portal to take you to new and awesome locations that you couldn’t otherwise reach. But then you find yourself out of portals and you plummet to your death. It might happen to you too. The good news is that is can only happen once. Of course you will die horribly, but that is just details.

But there is an option thanks to the fine people at Aperture Labs who want you to live (at least as long as you are making your payments on time). So for those high flyers that don’t want to break every bone in their bodies, Aperture is proud to introduce its new long fall boot.

These boots can absorb an impact like nobody’s business. And sure, they may not be cheap, but they will keep you alive long enough to complain about it.

This marks the fourth Aperture Investment video. The first was kind enough to offer a new way to look at panels, while the second wanted you to consider putting your trust in robots, and not those frail human types. The third is all about security, and offers you something no home should be without—an AI-controlled turret.

Join Aperture in the Labs during Portal 2 on Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 19.

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