PS Vita pre-orders go up on Best Buy’s Canada site with a March 30, 2012 release date

PlayStation Vita

Let’s re-evaluate the above headline first and lay out the thrust of this story for you: PlayStation Vita pre-orders are apparently now open at Best Buy in Canada. Both the Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + 3G models have product pages (via Engadget), with a March 30, 2012 release date listed. Don’t read too much into that date, however.

Sony confirmed last week that the Vita wouldn’t be arriving in North America or Europe until “early 2012,” with Japan getting the new portable gaming device first, sometime during the coming holiday season. March 30 is roughly the end of “early 2012” — the month marks the end of the year’s first quarter, anyway — so it’s likely the release outside Japan will happen on or before that date.

You can probably expect other pre-order-type offers to start popping up soon, though we’re still more than a month away from having an official date. Sony confirmed last week that an announcement on that front is coming in September, at Tokyo Game Show. Try to hold out until then, as opposed to converting your cash to Canadian currency for a cross-the-border pre-order.