PS2 Sales Double Following US Price Cut

The PlayStation 2 has surged back to the top of the hardware sales rankings in the USA following its price cut to $149, announced last month at E3, with sales in the month after the cut more than doubling.

Data released this week by Sony Computer Entertainment America shows that the console’s sales rose by some 216 per cent in the week immediately following the price cut, with an increase of 141 per cent over the full period since the cut.

The increase in sales will have propelled the PlayStation 2 well past its console rivals, after Sony’s platform slipped behind the Xbox in monthly sales for the first time since the launch of the Microsoft console in the April this year.

The boost for the Xbox also came off the back of a major price cut, however, and Sony will be hoping to beat expectations of a decline in demand for PS2 hardware this year and continue to outsell the Xbox and GameCube at the new $149 price point.