PS3 to Stream Netflix Without Disc

ps3 to stream netflix without disc watchnow

On paper it might not sound like much of an issue, but users who have the choice of streaming Netflix directly to an Xbox 360, or streaming to the PS3 after inserting a disc will almost always lean towards the easier, disc-free option.

It is a good problem to have, whether to watch Netflix’s increasing streaming library on the PS3 or on the Xbox 360, but the necessity of using a disc on the PS3 has always seemed somewhat bizarre when the technology to do without it is obviously there, and currently in use elsewhere. According to Shacknews, beginning this fall, PS3 users will be able to throw the disc out, thanks to an expected update that will make the disc unnecessary.

There has never been an official explanation as to why the PS3 requires a disc where the Xbox 360 does not, but many have assumed that it is due to an exclusivity agreement between Netflix and Microsoft. Many DVD and Blu-ray players similarly do not require a disc to access Netflix, but the Nintendo Wii needs the disc due to smaller internal memory available.