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PS4-only 'Destiny' content will remain exclusive for another year

ps4 only destiny content will remain exclusive for another year destinyex
Xbox One Destiny players eager to check out the game’s PlayStation 4-exclusive content will have to wait another year before they get their chance, as publisher Activision has extended its PlayStation platform exclusivity period.

The extension applies to the PS4-exclusive items, equipment, and maps featured in Destiny: The Taken King and the upcoming expansion Destiny: Rise of Iron, ensuring that Xbox One players will lag behind their PlayStation 4-owning buddies for at least another year.

Originally slated to hit the Xbox One version of Destiny this fall, Destiny: The Taken King‘s PS4-exclusive content is now slated for a multiplatform release in late 2017, according to a Polygon report.

Activision previously announced that The Taken King‘s platform-specific content would remain exclusive to the PlayStation 4 until “at least Fall 2016.” In the weeks leading up to the launch of Rise of Iron, Activision subsequently bumped The Taken King‘s exclusivity window to next year, matching a planned multiplatform release date for Rise of Iron‘s bonus PlayStation content.

In addition to including a series of new missions and maps across all platforms, Destiny‘s first major expansion The Taken King offered PS4 players an exclusive scout rifle, Vex strike, Crucible map, and three unique armor sets for each of the game’s playable classes. A patch issued in April doled out additional PlayStation-exclusive extras, including a themed Sparrow vehicle, a new sniper rifle, and armor sets for all classes.

The extension marks a shift from Activision’s original multiplatform release strategy for Destiny. PS4-exclusive content from Destiny‘s previous expansions The Dark Below and House of Wolves launched for the Xbox One in September of last year, arriving less than a year after their initial PS4 release. Many players had assumed that Activision would follow a similar release schedule for The Taken King‘s platform-specific content, but this is not the case.

PS4-exclusive content from Destiny: The Taken King and Rise of Iron is now slated to hit the Xbox One in the fall of 2017.

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