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90+ PS5 games just had their prices slashed — from $10

Cloud and Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake.
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PlayStation 5 owners who feel like their video game libraries are still lacking should take advantage of the offers in Best Buy’s PS5 games sale. With prices starting at $10, your hard-earned cash will go a long way in adding more titles to your collection (as well as extending your list of backlogs). You’re going to have to hurry in choosing the games that you want to buy though, as the discounts in these PS5 game deals may disappear at any moment.

What to buy in Best Buy’s PS5 games sale

The cheapest offer in Best Buy’s PS5 games sale is for the golf enthusiasts — for just $10, for savings of $10 on its original price of $20. Other affordable titles that are available include , where you attempt to liberate your country from a dictator, for $15 instead of $40 after a $25 discount; , where you live the life of a legendary Viking raider, for $20 instead of $40 after a $20 discount; and , where you face off against a rival assassin while trapped in a timeloop, for $20 instead of $80 after a $60 discount. You can also fight with a lightsaber in or cast spells in , both of which are on sale for $50 after a $20 discount on their sticker prices of $70.

A lot of gamers go for the PlayStation 5 over the Xbox Series X because of the PS5 exclusives though, and Best Buy’s sale is loaded with them. Survive the zombie apocalypse in , which is down to $21 from $40 for $10 in savings; face monstrous foes in Sengoku-era Japan in , which is down to $36 from $70 for $34 in savings; and learn to wield magic in , which is down to $38 from $50 for $12 in savings. and  are also on sale ahead of their sequels — Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — at $42 from $60 after an $18 discount and at $44 from $70 after a $26 discount, respectively.

Best Buy has slashed the prices of more than 90 games for the PlayStation 5, so there’s surely something in the sale that will catch your attention. We’re not sure which video game deals will have their prices return to normal soon though, so if you want to walk away from Best Buy’s PS5 games sale with massive savings, you’ll need to browse through all the offers and add the titles that you want to your cart as fast as you can. Check out quickly to make sure that you lock in the discounts.

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