PSOne Classics appear then disappear from PlayStation Vita

psone classics appear then disappear from playstation vita ps1

The PlayStation Vita hit the ground running when it released in February and has since fallen directly on its face when it comes to releasing games. A big line up of strong titles like Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout, and Uncharted made for a strong debut, new Vita owners have had slim pickings since. Sumioni: Demon Arts? MLB: The Show 2012? Fine, but where are the rest of the games? At least a decent library of PSP games is waiting in the PlayStation Store for gluttonous Vita owners to gorge on. Curious though that Sony hasn’t made its extensive library of PSOne Classics available as well. Of course that might be about to change.

Reddit user ryukyu22 noted on Wednesday night that PlayStation game Buzz Lightyear of Star Command appeared in the United Kingdom PlayStation Store. They were able to purchase and download the game to their Vita, but the system reported an error code after trying to launch the game. When trying to open the digital manual that came alongside the game, a message appeared that the file was corrupt.

Digital Trends reached out to Sony in March to discuss the future of PSOne Classics on Vita and while the company agreed to a brief interview, they’ve yet to follow through. We’ll follow up this story as we know more.