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PSP 2 May Have Buttons on its Back

It has been nearly two whole months since we had a rumor on the PSP 2, so we were due for more gossip. The newest rumor is coming out of Gamescon in Germany, where Eurogamer is reporting that three separate sources have confirmed that Sony is showing off the handheld successor behind-the-scenes.  The device is said to be around the same size as the PSP-3000, and feature touch sensitive buttons on the back of the unit.

At the moment, anything regarding the PSP’s successor must be treated as a rumor, no matter how certain the sources are. Many (including us) were certain that the rumors of a PSP 2 debut at E3 were correct, right up until Sony rebuked them and confirmed its commitment to the PSP with new games and a new series of ads.

We know a fair amount about the PSP 2 already (we think). It will likely feature digitally downloaded games instead of discs, despite piracy concerns. It is said to have a four-core Cell CPU that would put it on par with the original Xbox in terms of processing power, maybe even more powerful. Beyond that we have heard rumors of built in wifi, a possible 3G connection, and front and back cameras. Touch sensitive buttons on the back of the unit are a new rumor, but just as likely as all the other details.

According to the sources, the new PSP might ship in 2011, but it could be pushed back into 2012. Sony and a select few developers are said to be at work on launch titles, and- not surprisingly- Sony has refused to comment.

At the moment, file the touch sensitive buttons under rumor, albeit an interesting and original one.

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