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PSP2 could be announced at the end of the month

PSP2No, it’s not the PlayStation phone, but Sony could very well be announcing the launch of the PSP2 on January 27. A Sony event is scheduled for the end of the month, and various gaming sites including VG247 and MCV are reporting that unnamed sources say the latest generation PSP will be revealed.

Sony told GameSpot it would be “sharing [its] business overview and strategy,” but made no mention of any specific announcements. We recently reported new details about the device, including its two cameras, touchpad, and dual analog sticks. More importantly, it’s projected to be able to run graphics on par with those of some PS3 games.  Codenamed “Vita,” various gaming companies including EA have admitted to being involved in the development process, and word is it’s going to be an incredibly powerful machine.

With the 3DS launching in March, it might not hurt for the Sony to get a leg up on its extremely-hyped handheld gaming device. Earlier this year, we heard that the PSP2 wouldn’t debut until E3, so this bumps things up a bit. Or, perhaps, this press event is only to give the public a glimpse of the long-awaited upgrade.

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