R.U.S.E. launch day trailer debuts

r u s e launch day trailer debuts ruse all preview multiplayer battle

When you go to your local video game store and look for the real-time strategy section for a console, you may find yourself in a cold and isolated area, devoid of human interaction, littered with only a handful of RTS games to line the barren shelves. It is simply the lack of command functions: No matter how impressive the console version of an RTS game looks, there will always be limitations in the control scheme. A typical RTS on the PC might have 20 or more commands that are available through the proper keystrokes, while the console versions, in the best cases, rely on menus that offer the same selection, just a little slower. As such, the genre has been neglected on the console.

Ubisoft thinks that it has solved that problem, and today has released the new RTS game, R.U.S.E. for the PC, as well as the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Unlike most RTS games, R.U.S.E. was developed with a console in mind, and there is even a PlayStation Move option. Fans of the genre that do not have PCs, or who simply want to try out a different system, should find a lot to offer in the game.

R.U.S.E. is set during World War II, and it features two playable campaigns as the Americans and the Germans. Each story has its own plot line, but the actual gameplay is the same. Players attempt to dominate the board as you might expect, but there is also an emphasis on ruses in the game, designed to trick the enemy. There are three types of ruses: one that reveals information such as enemy communications, one that hides your own information, and one that create fake structure or units to act as a decoy. The game offers campaign and multiplayer, both competitive and cooperative.

As for the acronym, R.U.S.E., according to Ubisoft, it does not mean only one thing specifically, but is left open to the interpretation of the gamers.

The game was released today, and is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. It will be out in Australia on September 9, and in Europe on the 10th.