Racing fan creates ultimate home gaming rig, brings you along for a ride

racing fan creates ultimate home gaming rig brings you along for a ride iracing goproSure, you might consider yourself a fan of racing games, but there’s a good chance your obsession doesn’t go as far as Chad Smith took his when he created a five-screen racing simulator in his home.

In the video below, you can watch Smith navigate a digital recreation of the real-life Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course track from the center of a five-monitor rig he runs from his home PC.

The game he’s playing is called iRacing, and his simulator even includes a force-feedback steering wheel and an iPhone running iRaceDash, an app that provides a running report on his car’s performance throughout the race. Apparently, the experience is so lifelike that he feels the need to wear racing gloves.

For those wondering about the system specs required to run something like this, tecca reports that Smith’s computer is providing video across five screens at 9600×1080 resolution at a rate of 84 frames per second, using an AMD Radeon HD 6870 graphics card.