Rage goes a different direction with its multiplayer; co-op coming as well

rage goes a different direction with its multiplayer co op coming as well 7You might expect that id Software, the company that more or less invented the modern online first-person shooter, would have something special cooking when they release their first complete game in seven years. And it turns out that they do, although it may not be exactly what most of us are expecting. Recently, id invited IGN down to check out the multiplayer that will be included on the upcoming title Rage.  It’s not exactly what you might expect.

It would seem like a no-brainer to say that Rage’s online multiplayer will feature the same formula that made it great–see person, shoot person–but not so. Ever the trendsetters, id have decided to change things up with the online multiplayer, and instead of the typical FPS deathmatch, the competitive multiplayer will be entirely vehicular-based. No, seriously.

The online multiplayer will put you in a vehicle in what id is calling the “Rage Combat Rally”. Further bucking trends, the game will only allow six players at a time. It is all part of id’s strategy to create only the things that it considers to be “uniquely Rage”.

The games will be all about points, so you won’t simply hunt down your opponents and destroy them. Instead you will attempt to find score multipliers to increase the points for a kill, which will also help you outside of the game. Rage will offer a leveling system, so you can pimp yo’ ride to earn more loadouts, new weapons and the like.

The vehicle combat is described as more arcade-like than realistic, so while the physics may seem a bit unbelievable, they will be consistent, and are designed to be as fun as possible.

Along with the Rage Combat Rally, the game will also feature a co-op mode that is available online or locally. The co-op will not simply be the campaign with a second player though, it is a specifically developed game type that will work within the fictional universe of Rage.

The co-op will take you through missions you will experience in the single player campaign, but with a twist. The missions will offer their own backstory that builds on the primary plot, and the objectives will be unique to the co-op mode. The scenario described detailed a mission involving disarming a series of bombs. One player will need to operate a mechanism while the other disarms the explosives. Both will need to fight off the enemies, but it won’t be as simple as wiping out everyone and then going to do what you need—it will require teamwork and careful timing.

We’ll have to wait to see how well it goes over with the fans, but it is a gutsy move by id. Whether it pays off or not will be decided when Rage is released on Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 13.