Rage screenshots: New images released of the upcoming FPS

When it was first announced that id Software, the makers of Doom, and Bethesda, the developer and publisher of Fallout 3, were teaming up, it was like hearing that chocolate and peanut butter were joining forces to create an awesome new candy. The hype for Rage has been steadily building since E3 (where we had the chance to see it in action), and from what we have seen, that hype is well deserved.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world that is trying to survive after an asteroid strike, you play a member of a group picked to survive in an underground shelter, as part of an initiative to help rebuild civilization called the Eden Project. Your Ark (cryo bed) is the only one out of the 12 people in your group to have made it through the impact, and the rest are all presumed dead. You awaken to find that you are stranded with no equipment, in a world you know nothing about.

Rage will be powered by the brand new id Tech 5 engine, which for gaming nerds is just as exciting as the prospect of the makers of Doom releasing a new game. Look for it on Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on Se3ptember 13.