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Red Dead Online’s ‘Blood Money’ update introduces first train robbery

Players can finally start living the life of an outlaw in Red Dead Online‘s Old West. The game’s latest update, Blood Money, is out today, and will offer a suite of new illicit ways to make some cash, including petty crimes and even the game’s first train robbery.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money

Red Dead Online players can access Blood Money content by meeting Guido Martelli, the underboss of Angelo Bronte, who tasks them with collecting a new commodity called Capitale. It’s not entirely clear what Capitale is, but it’s apparently made its way from the upper echelons of criminal society to every two-bit outlaw across the West. Players will be able to collect Capitale by thieving and looting bodies during the game’s new Crimes, in free roam missions, and elsewhere.

Although it sounds like a broad term, Crimes are the new missions added in Blood Money. Players can start them either in a new menu system added in Red Dead Online with the update or by visiting Sean Macguire, Anthony Forman, Joe, and James Langton. Each of these characters also offers new multi-part free roam missions called Contracts, or other small-time crimes, like robberies.

With all the Capitale they acquire, players will be able to access Opportunities. These missions are more akin to GTA Online‘s heists, with one currently available and two more planned to release. To start an Opportunity mission, players have to spend some of their Capitale. In return, they can take on a challenging robbery for a precious jewel. Like GTA Online‘s heists, these missions can be tackled with up to four players, and have multiple difficulty options, with the harder options giving players a larger reward. The first Wild West heist that players can take on is a (long overdue) train robbery, with the two to be revealed at a later date.

Along with new missions and ways to earn cash, players also have a new option for seasonal content with a new series of shorter season passes. In contrast to the game’s Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club passes, which last around four months and have upwards of 75 ranks, players can purchase the first of four Quick Draw Club passes. These passes are extremely compact, containing only 25 ranks and lasting for just less than a month. The first such pass, which costs 25 gold bars, starts today and lasts until August 9.

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